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The Global Warming Project

Lab of Carbon is a leading provider of the
carbon dioxide decomposition reactor or CDDR,
a new cutting-edge technology which will shape the future.
Founded by Borce Ivanovski, a mathematician of computer science
and Willam C Horton a science engineer,
we are now in the developing stages of the project.
We built our solution to prevent the calamitous effects of climate change
by converting a C02 pollutant into a benefit.
We are striving for the renewability of the planet
and are always innovating to achieve this.
Get in touch an learn more about Lab of Carbon.


Introducing the CDDR

Our carbon dioxide decomposition reactor, CDDR,
recycles carbon dioxide into two separate elements,
pure carbon, and oxygen.
Applications for this new technology can be life support environments
in space exploration, improvement of air quality and the recycling of carbon dioxide
to produce high-quality materials such as graphene.
The main pure carbon product can be transformed for industrial,
electronic and militarised uses.
Lab of Carbon is continually building upon its technology.

"Converting a C02 pollutant into a benefit"

Lab of Carbon

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