The Global Warming Project

Lab of Carbon is an Australian based science and technology company that is the owner and developer of the carbon dioxide decomposition reactor (CDDR), a new cutting-edge technology that decomposes and recycles carbon dioxide into pristine molecular materials comprising of both Carbon and Oxygen. Lab of Carbon was first founded by Borce Ivanovski, a mathematician of computer science who had a vision of a more sustainable future. With over 10 years of rigorous research, Lab of Carbon has successfully developed physical models that mathematically confirm the process for artificially decomposing carbon dioxide molecules into pure atomic carbon and oxygen. As a result, we built our solution to prevent the calamitous effects of climate change by converting a CO2 pollutant into a benefit. Our venture is striving for the environmental sustainability and renewability of the planet and are always innovating to achieve this through our R&D project.


Introducing the CDDR

Our carbon dioxide decomposition reactor, CDDR, recycles carbon dioxide into two separate molecular elements, pure carbon, and oxygen.


Recycled oxygen molecules from CO2 gasses in closed spaces can help create reliable life support environments – such as in submarines, hospitals, laboratories, deep mines, spaceships, planetary habitats and space travel vehicles.


The main pure carbon product that is recycled can be transformed for industrial, electronic, and militarised uses. The extreme high purity carbon can be converted to high value-add carbon-based materials such as graphene and used in emerging electrical vehicle (EV) technology and semiconductors for improved efficiency and durability. Other outputs that can be produced in conjunction with this carbon product are advanced building materials, paint coatings, printed circuit boards, computer hardware, quantum computing chips and next generation microprocessors.

Other Benefits

Our reactor decreases excess CO2 from the atmosphere through either vertically integrating with carbon polluting processes or recycling excess atmospheric carbon dioxide. Thus, the commercialised product of the CDDR will be attributed as an efficient method for solving global warming issues while also accruing the economic benefits of the recycled materials that are produced from the decomposition process. This project will lead to an advanced modern industry branch of recyclability and generate further employment and profitability within the science and technology sector within Australia and the World economy.


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